At Denison Hearing we believe in the importance of overall hearing health. We want the journey to improved hearing to be as easy and effortless as possible. To determine each patient’s individual hearing health, we complete a thorough hearing test and lifestyle assessment. Individualized care is our top priority and begins with listening to each patient’s story.



Doctor Denison graduated with the highest honors from Central Michigan University where she received her doctorate in audiology. She recently moved to West Arvada. Moving was an opportunity for Dr. Denison to pursue her dream of opening her own practice. She is passionate about increasing her patient’s quality of life through better hearing.


Dr. Denison has built her practice on the foundation of individualized care and prides herself in listening to each patient’s story. Her favorite part about her job is seeing her patients experience improved social interactions and personal relationships. She cherishes the relationships she forms with her patients on the journey to better hearing.

When Dr. Denison is not in the office she can be found spending time with her husband and two sons. She enjoys hiking and biking in the foothills and snow-skiing in the mountains. She is a lover of nature, music, sports, friends, and family.